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Innovations are happening at lightning speed. Features that were not affordable to a small business a few years ago are suddenly available and economical.  For better or for worse it is now possible for you and your staff to work from home, in-transit, and at your customer sites. For example: we have been able to put structures in place, with centralized control, that make it possible for the average computer user to access their work computer remotely, use their computer as a work phone, and use their smartphone to access documents on the company server.


Keeping the whole office in communication with each other does not need to be difficult. In Chicago we are used to rough winters and blizzards. There are times when people cannot get to the office due to lack of transportation or safety concerns.  Email helps the office stay connected to each other, but it is not enough. Combine email with instant messaging, presence (status), and phone system, and you have the modern workplace. The staff can be at the same location or on the other side of the world. Unified Communication allows the whole team to be productive and flexible.   


Threats to your business security only gets worse as time progresses. Antivirus is not enough. We take a complete look at our clients’ needs and develop security policies that meet or exceed their business requirements. We use firewalls, content filtering tools, and malware software solutions from the world’s leading security innovators. In addition, we also offer guidance to your staff about safer computing and how to protect themselves at work and home. 


Enterprise level features, such as offsite backup and virtualization, are now accessible and affordable. We have clients that store many terabytes of backup data in the “cloud”. In addition, servers can be virtualized on or offsite. This gives your business great flexibility with upgrades, migrations, and disaster recovery. 

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