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Why Chicago Tech Support

From mainframes to smartphones. We have seen technology evolve from being in the hands of only the ultra-qualified to being in the hands of the right out of school intern. Almost everyone is connected to the internet, but just because there is more access does not mean the challenges have gotten any easier. 
We stay away from technologies which offer free solutions that end up costing time and treasure. That is why we look at the total cost of ownership rather than short term savings.


We provide you the right tools for the job at hand. Often we see clients trying to hold on to systems that are outdated and expensive to maintain. We are more than technicians, we are technology advisors. If it makes economic sense for a system to be replaced rather than maintained we alert the client. We would rather see investment in stable solutions than ones that need expensive servicing and repair. 


Staying in close contact with our clients’ office even while they are sleeping is important to us. Our systems allow for 24/7 monitoring. Often we know about a problem before our client does.   


We staff our Help Desk throughout business hours, after hours, weekends, and holidays.  In addition, we have remote access to our clients systems so we can do maintenance at non-critical times without the need for travel. 


Our location is in the center of downtown Chicago. This allows us quick access to most of our clients and all major modes of transportation. 

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